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Here are some things to know about our policies:


All online reservations are subject to a 3.5% transaction fee.

Checking In

All customers must bring their ID and payment method that was used to book the section to the venue in order to check in on the date of the reservation. The ID and payment method MUST MATCH.

Refunds and Cancellations

We do not accept refund requests. If you would like to cancel your reservation at least 36 hours in advance, we will honor your down payment towards a similar event within two weeks of your original reservation date.

If an event is altogether cancelled or postponed, Josephine Lounge will contact all reservations for that evening and offer the opportunity to 1) receive a refund or 2) reschedule the reservation. This includes the cancellation or postponement of special guest appearances.

Reservation Refusal

Josephine Lounge maintains the right to cancel reservations at anytime. Possible reasons may be: suspicion of fraudulent transactions, previous disputes and claims of fraudulent transactions, customers who are banned from the establishment, and any other reason presented that shows risk to the safety and security of this establishment and its staff.

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